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Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX::Verbatim(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX::Verbatim(3pm)


Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX::Verbatim - Interpreter of the Verbatim variant of the ArabTeX notation


    use Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX::Verbatim;  # imports just like 'use Encode' would, plus extended options
    while ($line = <>) {                    # maps the ArabTeX notation for Arabic into the Arabic script
        print encode 'utf8', decode 'arabtex-verb', $line;      # 'ArabTeX-Verbatim' alias 'ArabTeX-Verb'
    # ArabTeX language-dependent transliteration <--> ArabTeX verbatim transliteration
    $string = decode 'ArabTeX-Verbatim', $octets;
    $octets = encode 'ArabTeX-Verbatim', $string;


ArabTeX is an excellent extension to TeX/LaTeX designed for typesetting the right-to-left scripts of the Orient. It comes up with very intuitive and comprehensible lower ASCII transliterations, the expressive power of which is even better than that of the scripts.

Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX::Verbatim implements the rules needed for proper interpretation of the ArabTeX verbatim notation, which is discussed in the ArabTeX User Manual. The conversion ifself is done by Encode::Mapper, and the user interface is built on the Encode::Encoding module.

Relevant guidance is given in Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX, from which this module inherits. The transformation rules are, however, quite different ;)

This work is presented in its development version!


Encode::Arabic::ArabTeX, Encode::Arabic, Encode::Mapper, Encode::Encoding, Encode

ArabTeX system <>

Klaus Lagally <>


Otakar Smrz "<otakar-smrz>", <>


Copyright (C) 2005-2008 Otakar Smrz

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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