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md3serial(1) Emulators md3serial(1)


md3serial - view or change serial number on MicroDesign discs.


md3serial [-serial SERIAL] [-format FORMAT] [-type TYPE] [-side SIDE] [-comp COMP] DISKIMAGE


Md3serial allows the serial number on program discs distributed by Creative Technology (or image files made from such discs) to be viewed or changed.


Write a new serial number to the disc (up to 7 characters). If this is not present the existing serial number remains unchanged.
Determines which driver is to be used.
Select according to the disc image file. This is the default.
Use the DSK (CPCEmu format) image driver.
Use the extended version of the DSK format.
Use the floppy driver.
Use the hard disk (MYZ80 format) image driver. (This format cannot be autodetected.)
Use the CFI (DOS fdcopy format) image driver. (This format cannot be autodetected.)
Use the raw driver.

Select the compression method used on the source disc image file (has no effect when reading a floppy disc).
Detect from the first few bytes of the file. This is the default.
Huffman coded (SQ / USQ).
Gzipped (gzip / gunzip).
Burrows-Wheeler compressed (bzip2 / bunzip2).

Determines which side (0 or 1) of the disc (image) is to be identified.


The authors of MicroDesign have placed it in the public domain and explicitly given permission for the copy-protection system to be reverse- engineered.


John Elliott <>.

17 September 2018 Version 1.5.9