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apriboot(1) Emulators apriboot(1)


apriboot - rewrite disc boot sector, converting between Apricot and PCDOS


apriboot [-format FORMAT] [-type TYPE] [-side SIDE] [-comp COMP] [-retry COUNT] [-pcdos] [-apricot] DISKIMAGE [DSKIMAGE...]


Apriboot rewrites the boot sector of the selected disc (or image), converting it between standard PCDOS format and the format used by the Apricot PC / Xi / F-series computers.


Determines which driver is to be used.
Set the number of times to attempt to read the disc in case of error.

Select the compression method used on the source disc image file (has no effect when reading a floppy disc).
Determines which side (0 or 1) of the disc (image) is to be identified.

Selects a fixed format. Should not be necessary.

Forces the program to convert to Apricot format; if the boot sector is already in Apricot format, does nothing.

Forces the program to convert to PCDOS format; if the boot sector is already in PCDOS format, does nothing. If neither -pcdos nor -apricot is supplied, the boot sector will be set to the opposite of whatever is currently in use.




John Elliott <>.

17 September 2018 Version 1.5.9