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zuuid - Class for UUID support class


//  This is a stable class, and may not change except for emergencies. It
//  is provided in stable builds.
//  Create a new UUID object.
CZMQ_EXPORT zuuid_t *

zuuid_new (void); // Create UUID object from supplied ZUUID_LEN-octet value. CZMQ_EXPORT zuuid_t *
zuuid_new_from (const byte *source); // Destroy a specified UUID object. CZMQ_EXPORT void
zuuid_destroy (zuuid_t **self_p); // Set UUID to new supplied ZUUID_LEN-octet value. CZMQ_EXPORT void
zuuid_set (zuuid_t *self, const byte *source); // Set UUID to new supplied string value skipping '-' and '{' '}' // optional delimiters. Return 0 if OK, else returns -1. CZMQ_EXPORT int
zuuid_set_str (zuuid_t *self, const char *source); // Return UUID binary data. CZMQ_EXPORT const byte *
zuuid_data (zuuid_t *self); // Return UUID binary size CZMQ_EXPORT size_t
zuuid_size (zuuid_t *self); // Returns UUID as string CZMQ_EXPORT const char *
zuuid_str (zuuid_t *self); // Return UUID in the canonical string format: 8-4-4-4-12, in lower // case. Caller does not modify or free returned value. See // CZMQ_EXPORT const char *
zuuid_str_canonical (zuuid_t *self); // Store UUID blob in target array CZMQ_EXPORT void
zuuid_export (zuuid_t *self, byte *target); // Check if UUID is same as supplied value CZMQ_EXPORT bool
zuuid_eq (zuuid_t *self, const byte *compare); // Check if UUID is different from supplied value CZMQ_EXPORT bool
zuuid_neq (zuuid_t *self, const byte *compare); // Make copy of UUID object; if uuid is null, or memory was exhausted, // returns null. CZMQ_EXPORT zuuid_t *
zuuid_dup (zuuid_t *self); // Self test of this class. CZMQ_EXPORT void
zuuid_test (bool verbose); Please add '@interface' section in './../src/zuuid.c'.


The zuuid class generates UUIDs and provides methods for working with them. If you build CZMQ with libuuid, on Unix/Linux, it will use that library. On Windows it will use UuidCreate(). Otherwise it will use a random number generator to produce convincing imitations of UUIDs.

Please add @discuss section in ./../src/zuuid.c.


From zuuid_test method.

//  Simple create/destroy test
assert (ZUUID_LEN == 16);
assert (ZUUID_STR_LEN == 32);
zuuid_t *uuid = zuuid_new ();
assert (uuid);
assert (zuuid_size (uuid) == ZUUID_LEN);
assert (strlen (zuuid_str (uuid)) == ZUUID_STR_LEN);
zuuid_t *copy = zuuid_dup (uuid);
assert (streq (zuuid_str (uuid), zuuid_str (copy)));
//  Check set/set_str/export methods
const char *myuuid = "8CB3E9A9649B4BEF8DE225E9C2CEBB38";
const char *myuuid2 = "8CB3E9A9-649B-4BEF-8DE2-25E9C2CEBB38";
const char *myuuid3 = "{8CB3E9A9-649B-4BEF-8DE2-25E9C2CEBB38}";
const char *myuuid4 = "8CB3E9A9649B4BEF8DE225E9C2CEBB3838";
int rc = zuuid_set_str (uuid, myuuid);
assert (rc == 0);
assert (streq (zuuid_str (uuid), myuuid));
rc = zuuid_set_str (uuid, myuuid2);
assert (rc == 0);
assert (streq (zuuid_str (uuid), myuuid));
rc = zuuid_set_str (uuid, myuuid3);
assert (rc == 0);
assert (streq (zuuid_str (uuid), myuuid));
rc = zuuid_set_str (uuid, myuuid4);
assert (rc == -1);
byte copy_uuid [ZUUID_LEN];
zuuid_export (uuid, copy_uuid);
zuuid_set (uuid, copy_uuid);
assert (streq (zuuid_str (uuid), myuuid));
//  Check the canonical string format
assert (streq (zuuid_str_canonical (uuid),

"8cb3e9a9-649b-4bef-8de2-25e9c2cebb38")); zuuid_destroy (&uuid); zuuid_destroy (&copy); #if defined (__WINDOWS__) zsys_shutdown(); #endif


The czmq manual was written by the authors in the AUTHORS file.


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Copyright (c) the Contributors as noted in the AUTHORS file. This file is part of CZMQ, the high-level C binding for 0MQ: This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file, You can obtain one at LICENSE included with the czmq distribution.


01/17/2021 CZMQ 4.2.1