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Class::DBI::Loader(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Class::DBI::Loader(3pm)


Class::DBI::Loader - Dynamic definition of Class::DBI sub classes.


  use Class::DBI::Loader;
  my $loader = Class::DBI::Loader->new(
    dsn                     => "dbi:mysql:dbname",
    user                    => "root",
    password                => "",
    options                 => { RaiseError => 1, AutoCommit => 0 },
    namespace               => "Data",
    additional_classes      => qw/Class::DBI::AbstractSearch/, # or arrayref
    additional_base_classes => qw/My::Stuff/, # or arrayref
    left_base_classes       => qw/Class::DBI::Sweet/, # or arrayref
    constraint              => '^foo.*',
    relationships           => 1,
    options                 => { AutoCommit => 1 }, 
    inflect                 => { child => 'children' },
    require                 => 1
  my $class = $loader->find_class('film'); # $class => Data::Film
  my $obj = $class->retrieve(1);

use with mod_perl

in your

  # load all tables
  use Class::DBI::Loader;
  my $loader = Class::DBI::Loader->new(
    dsn       => "dbi:mysql:dbname",
    user      => "root",
    password  => "",
    namespace => "Data",

in your web application.

  use strict;
  # you can use Data::Film directly
  my $film = Data::Film->retrieve($id);


Class::DBI::Loader automate the definition of Class::DBI sub-classes. scan table schemas and setup columns, primary key.

class names are defined by table names and namespace option.

 |   table   | namespace | class     |
 |   foo     | Data      | Data::Foo |
 |   foo_bar |           | FooBar    |

Class::DBI::Loader supports MySQL, Postgres and SQLite.

See Class::DBI::Loader::Generic.


new %args

List of additional base classes your table classes will use.
List of additional base classes, that need to be leftmost, for example Class::DBI::Sweet (former Catalyst::Model::CDBI::Sweet).
List of additional classes which your table classes will use.
Only load tables matching regex.
Exclude tables matching regex.
Enable debug messages.
DBI Data Source Name.
Namespace under which your table classes will be initialized.
Optional hashref to specify DBI connect options
Try to automatically detect/setup has_a and has_many relationships.
An hashref, which contains exceptions to Lingua::EN::Inflect::PL(). Useful for foreign language column names.
Attempt to require the dynamically defined module, so that extensions defined in files. By default errors from imported modules are suppressed. When you want to debug, use require_warn.
Warn of import errors when requiring modules.


Daisuke Maki ""


Sebastian Riedel, "" IKEBE Tomohiro, ""


Adam Anderson, Andy Grundman, Autrijus Tang, Dan Kubb, David Naughton, Randal Schwartz, Simon Flack and all the others who've helped.


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Class::DBI, Class::DBI::mysql, Class::DBI::Pg, Class::DBI::SQLite, Class::DBI::Loader::Generic, Class::DBI::Loader::mysql, Class::DBI::Loader::Pg, Class::DBI::Loader::SQLite

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