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brlapi_param_properties_t(3) BrlAPI brlapi_param_properties_t(3)




#include <brlapi_param.h>

Data Fields

brlapi_param_type_t type
uint16_t count
uint8_t isArray
uint8_t hasSubparam

Detailed Description

Structure that describes the properties of a parameter

Field Documentation

uint16_t brlapi_param_properties_t::count

Number of elements in the parameter's value

uint8_t brlapi_param_properties_t::hasSubparam

Parameter uses the subparam argument

uint8_t brlapi_param_properties_t::isArray

Whether the parameter contains several values, or always only one

brlapi_param_type_t brlapi_param_properties_t::type

Type of the parameter's value


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