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AptPkg::Version(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation AptPkg::Version(3pm)


AptPkg::Version - APT package versioning class


use AptPkg::Version;


The AptPkg::Version module provides an interface to APT's package version handling.


The AptPkg::Version package implements the APT pkgVersioningSystem class.

An instance of the AptPkg::Version class may be fetched using the "versioning" method from an AptPkg::System object.

The following methods are implemented:

Return the description of the versioning system, for example:

    Standard .deb

for Debian systems.

Compare package version A with B, returning a negative value if A is an earlier version than B, zero if the same or a positive value if A is later.
Compare distribution release numbers.
Check that the package version PKG satisfies the relation OP to the dependency version DEP.

The relation OP is specified in the Debian syntax regardless of the versioning system:

    <<  strictly earlier
    <=  earlier or equal
    =   exactly equal
    >=  later or equal
    >>  strictly later
Return the upstream component of the given version string.


AptPkg::Config(3pm), AptPkg::System(3pm), AptPkg(3pm).


Brendan O'Dea <>

2021-02-15 perl v5.32.1