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Regexp(3I) InterViews Reference Manual Regexp(3I)


Regexp - regular expression searching


#include <InterViews/regexp.h>


A Regexp encapsulates a regular expression pattern and defines operations for searching and matching the pattern against a string. The syntax of the regular expression pattern is the same as that for ed(1). Information can be obtained about the most recent match of the regular expression (and its sub-expressions).


Construct a new Regexp for pattern.
Attempt a match against text (of length length) at position index. The return value is the length of the matching string, or a negative number if the match failed.
Search for a match in the string text (of length length). Matches are attempted starting at positions between index and index plus range. If range is positive the first match after index is reported. If range is negative the first match before index is reported. The return value is the index of the starting position of the match, or a negative number if there is no match in the specified range.
Return information about the most recent match. If subexp is zero (the default), information is reported for the complete regular expression. Other values of subexp refer to sub-expressions in the pattern. For example, if subexp is 2, information is returned for the sub-expression specified by the second pair of \( and \) delimiters in the pattern.



23 May 1989 InterViews