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IMGET(1p) Internet Message commands IMGET(1p)


imget - get mail/news messages


imget [OPTIONS]


The imget command incorporates messages from mail/news servers.

This command is provided by IM (Internet Message).


Message source: 'local[:path_of_mailbox]', 'pop[/APOP|/RPOP|/POP][:user][@host]', 'imap[[/AUTH|/LOGIN]|%folder[//AUTH|//LOGIN]][:user][@host]', 'nntp:group[@host]', or 'stdin'.
Message destination: "+folder" or "".
No scan listings.
Do not show scanned-lines if InboxFolder != dst.
Scan format. Default value is "%+5n %m%d %-14A %S || %b".
Make output data buffered.
Safe manner for JIS. Default value is "on".
Width of result for scan listings. Default value is 80.
Local mailbox locking style (none, flock, file). Default value is "flock".
Conversion of UNIX From line into Return-Path: (append, ignore, replace). Default value is "append".
Preserve messages. Default value is 0.

(POP: in days; 0=delete immediately, -1=preserve forever)

(otherwise: 0=delete immediately, non0=preserve forever)

Protocol type to use for keeping messages on POP (UIDL, LAST, STATUS, MSGID). Timed out deletion is not supported with LAST. Default value is "UIDL".
Use value of Content-Length header for delimitation. (effective only if source of messages is local).
Number of messages to be gotten in a process (NNTP).
Processing mode: "get", "from" or "check". Default value is "get".
Association list: dst1=src1;dst2=src2;... This overrides --dst and --src options.
Decode broken mime-encoded strings.
SSH port relay server.
Do not show any messages.
Print verbose messages when running.
Print debug messages when running.
Display help message and exit.
Output version information and exit.


IM (Internet Message) is copyrighted by IM developing team. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the modified BSD license. See the copyright file for more details.

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