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HAXELIB(1) General Commands Manual HAXELIB(1)


haxelib - Haxe Library Manager


haxelib [command] [options...]


haxelib is a command-line tool to manage both the global repository and your local repository of Haxe libraries and projects.


Install a given library from the global repository. Once a project is installed, you can simply use haxe -lib library ... to be able to use it from your application. By default, this is the current version of the project that is used. If you want to use a specific version of the project, use haxe -lib library:version ...
List all installed libraries and their versions.
Upgrade all installed libraries to their latest version.
Remove a given library.
Set the current version for a library. The version must be already installed.
List global libraries matching a word.
List information on a given library.
List information on a given user on the global repository.
Register a new user in the global repository.
Submit or update a library to the global repository.
Set the haxelib repository path.
Print the local repository path.
List the path to the given libraries.
Run the specified library with arguments if it provides a run script. Be careful about trusting libraries this way since the script can damage your system.
install the specified library locally.
Set the development directory for a given project.


Haxe is currently maintained by the Haxe Foundation. It was originally written by Nicolas Cannasse for Motion-Twin.




May 12, 2017