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HADORI(1) User Commands HADORI(1)


hadori - hardlink identical files


hadori [ OPTIONS ] [ ARGUMENTS ]


This might look like yet another hardlinking tool, but it is the only one which only memorizes one filename per inode. That results in less memory consumption and faster execution compared to its alternatives. Therefore (and because all the other names are already taken) it's called "HArdlinking DOne RIght".

Advantages over other hardlinking tools:

predictability: arguments are scanned in order, each first version is kept
much lower CPU and memory consumption


print this help message
print version information
ignore mtime
don't change anything, implies --verbose
show which files get linked
show files being examined
read arguments from stdin, one per line; you can't combine that with arguments on the commandline
-0 [ --null ]
implies --stdin, but use null bytes as delimiter


Written by Timo Weingärtner.


Report bugs to the Debian BTS at or by mail to

January 2021 hadori 1.1