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g.gui.photo2image(1grass) GRASS GIS User's Manual g.gui.photo2image(1grass)


g.gui.photo2image - Corrects scanning distortions of a paper photo.


imagery, GUI, aerial, photo, georectification, geometry, GCP


g.gui.photo2image --help
g.gui.photo2image group=name raster=name camera=string order=string extension=string [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]


Print usage summary

Verbose module output

Quiet module output

Force launching GUI dialog


Name of input imagery group

Name of input raster map

The name of the camera (generated in
The name of the camera (generated in

The rectification order (no of Fiducial=4 -> order=1, no of Fiducial=8 -> order=2)
The rectification order (no of Fiducial=4 -> order=1, no of Fiducial=8 -> order=2)
Default: 1

The name of the output files extension (used in i.rectify)
The name of the output files extension (used in i.rectify)
Default: _ip2i_out


This module is based on g.gui.gcp, the GCP manager of GRASS GIS. It is part of suite.

The aim of this module is to give absolute location values to the fiducial points present (in number of 4 or 8) in a scanned aerial photo.

This is necessary as (manual) scanning introduces distortions, rotations and also may not be limited to scan the boundary of the photo itself. It is thus necessary to give to each fiducial the exact coordinates in mm as given by the aerial photographic instrument design, which is unique per camera.

This module requires you to have made a group with your aerial photo (, a camera description file ( and use them to launch the module. Additional requirements are the order of rectification (1 if no of Fiducials is 4, 2 if no of Fiducials is 8) and an extension file (if not given, defaults to \$filename_ip2i_out)

An example for Location imagery60:

g.gui.photo2image group=aerial@PERMANENT raster=gs13.1@PERMANENT camera=gscamera order=2 extension=try --o

Screenshot of g.gui.photo2image

Figure: Screenshot of g.gui.photo2image

For a detailed operation manual please read

wxGUI components

See also video tutorials on GRASS Wiki.

SEE ALSO,,,, i.rectify, m.transform, v.rectify


Markus Metz
Based on the Georectifier (GRASS 6.4.0) by Michael Barton
Martin Landa, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic


Available at: wxGUI GCP Manager for photo to image registration source code (history)

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