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gitriddance(1) General Commands Manual gitriddance(1)


gitriddance - closes all open issues and pull requests


gitriddance [comment]


gitriddance closes all open issues and pull requests on GitHub. This is useful for projects that have their own issue trackers, patch submission systems etc, rather than relying on GitHub's, which many of us find to be clumsy, slow, proprietary, and encouraging of drive-by pull requests of poor quality.

It should be run in a git repository that was cloned from GitHub. It looks at the origin remote to find the repository on GitHub. All open issues and pull requests will have a comment posted to them, and be closed.

The text of the comment is either passed as a command-line parameter, or can be configured by setting core.gitriddance. For example:

git config core.gitriddance "Please submit patches to"

In order for gitriddance to log into GitHub, you need to set GITHUB_OAUTH_TOKEN to an oath or personal access token.


Joey Hess <>