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gwb2ged(1) General Commands Manual gwb2ged(1)


gwb2ged - Dump a GeneWeb database to a GEDCOM File


gwb2ged [ <base> ] [ options ]


gwb2ged dumps a GeneWeb database to a GEDCOM file.

The primary documentation of gwb2ged is in the HTML documentation, which you can find in the documentation directory (/usr/share/doc/geneweb on Debian systems).
Please look there for complete and up-to-date documentation.


If both options -a and -d are used, intersection is assumed.
If several options -s are used, union is assumed.

command-line help
output file name (default: a.ged)
Set charset. Default is ASCII. Warning: value ANSEL works correctly only on iso-8859-1 encoded databases.
output file name (default: a.ged)
save memory space, but slower
select ancestors of
select descendants of
select ancestors with siblings
select this surname (option usable several times)
no spouses' parents (for options -s and -d)
no (database) notes
When a person is born less than <num> years ago, it is not exported unless it is Public. All the spouses and descendants are also censored.

2002 October 20 4th Berkeley Distribution