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GEARMAN(1) Gearmand GEARMAN(1)


gearman - Gearmand Documentation,

Command line client for Gearmand


Common options

Function name to use for jobs (can give many)

Job server host

Print this help menu

Gearman server port

Timeout in milliseconds

Create a pidfile for the process

In client mode run one job per line, in worker mode send data packet for each line

Same as -n, but strip off the newline

Client options

Run jobs in the background

Run jobs as high priority

Run jobs as low priority

Prefix all output lines with functions names

Send job without reading from standard input

Unique key to use for job

Worker options*

Number of jobs for worker to run before exiting

Run in worker mode


With gearman you can run client and worker functions from the command line.

The environmental variable GEARMAN_SERVER can be used to specify multiple gearmand servers. Please see the c:func:'gearman_client_add_servers' for an explanation of the required syntax.


To find out more information please check:


gearmand(8) libgearman(3)


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