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GEARHEAD(6) Games Manual GEARHEAD(6)


gearhead - roguelike mecha role playing game




gearhead is a roguelike adventure game involving giant mechas and a post-apocalyptic but recovering world.


A list of key bindings can be viewed with the h key during play. Menus can be navigated with arrow keys and enter. Walking into an object generally does the expected thing (use, talk or attack). The action names listed can be used to redefine the keys in a configure file.

Attack, choosing the weapon or body part from a list.
Examine the individual components of the player character.
Show character information.
View character's equipment.
Eject from a mecha.
Examine mechas and allies.
View inventory.
Look around.
Learn new skills by spending accumulated experience.
Review all current adventure memos, news and email.
Quit the game. Does not save the game.
Toggle running on or off.
Recenter the game display on the character.
Search the area for secrets and enemies.
Initiate a conversation with an NPC.
Call an NPC.
Uses stationary scenery such as doors or computers.
Show past game messages.
Saves the game. Does not quit the game.
Take a break for one hour of game time.
. - SwitchGears
Toggle the movement mode (e.g. flying, walking).
[ - TurnLeft
Turn to left.
] - TurnRight
Turn to right.
keypad keys 1-9 - Stop, Dir-NorthWest, etc.
Move around or stop.
+ - FullSpeed
Move forward at full speed.
= - NormSpeed
Move forward at normal speed.
- - Reverse
Move backwards.
<, > - Enter, Enter2
Enter scenery.

The following keys are usable when selecting a target.

/ - CalledShot
Toggle the Called Shot option while selecting a target.
> - SwitchBv
Toggle the Burst Fire option while selecting a target.
; - SwitchTarget
Switch to next visible enemy when selecting a target.


System-wide configuration file.
User specific configuration file. If this is present the system-wide configuration file is not read.


gearhead was written by Joseph Hewitt <>.

This manual page was written by Kari Pahula <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).


nethack(6). More documentation for gearhead can be found in the /usr/share/doc/gearhead directory.

26 Mar 2016