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fuzzylite(1) USER COMMANDS fuzzylite(1)


fuzzylite - a fuzzy logic control library


fuzzylite [-i inputfile] [-if format] [-o outputfile] [-of format] [-example letter] [-decimals number] [-d datafile] [-dmaximum number] [-dheader boolean] [-dinputs boolean]


file to import your engine from
format of the file to import (fll | fis | fcl)
file to export your engine to
format of the file to export (fll | fld | cpp | java | fis | fcl)
if not inputfile, built-in example to use as engine: (m)amdani or (t)akagi-sugeno
number of decimals to write floating-poing values
if exporting to fld, file of input values to evaluate your engine on
if exporting to fld without datafile, maximum number of results to export
if true and exporting to fld, include headers
if true and exporting to fld, include input values


Juan Rada-Vilela

October 26, 2014 version 5.0