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FROBBY(1) General Commands Manual FROBBY(1)


Frobby - Computations with monomial ideals


Frobby performs a number of computations related to monomial ideals. You run it by typing `frobby ACTION', where ACTION is one of the following.

alexdual - Compute the Alexander dual of the input ideal.

analyze - Display information about the input ideal.

assoprimes - Compute the associated primes of the input ideal.

dimension - Compute the (co)dimension of the input ideal.

euler - Compute the Euler characteristic.

frobdyn - Compute Frobenius number using dynamic programming.

genfrob - Generate a random Frobenius problem instance.

genideal - Generate a random monomial ideal.

hilbert - Compute the Hilbert-Poincare series of the input ideal.

intersection - Intersect the input ideals.

irrdecom - Compute the irreducible decomposition of the input ideal.

latformat - Change the representation of the input lattice.

maxstandard - Compute the maximal standard monomials of the input ideal.

optimize - Solve optimization problems related to the input ideal.

primdecom - Compute the primary decomposition of monomial ideals.

ptransform - Change the representation of the input polynomial.

transform - Change the representation of the input ideal.

Type 'frobby help ACTION' to get more details on a specific action. Note that all input and output is done via the standard streams. Type 'frobby help io' for more information on input and output formats. See for further information and new versions of Frobby.


Frobby was written by Bjarke Hammersholt Roune <>. This manual page was written by Doug Torrance <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

March 2015