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freedom-maker - image builder for FreedomBox


freedom-maker [--build-stamp] [--image-size] [--build-mirror] [--mirror] [--distribution] [--include-source] [--package] [--custom-package] [--build-dir] [--log-level'] [--hostname] [--sign] [--force] [targets] [-h, --help]


FreedomBox is a community project to develop, design and promote personal servers running free software for private, personal communications. It is a networking appliance designed to allow interfacing with the rest of the Internet under conditions of protected privacy and data security. It hosts applications such as blog, wiki, website, social network, email, web proxy and a Tor relay on a device that can replace a wireless router so that data stays with the users.

freedom-maker is a tool to build FreedomBox images for various single board computers, virtual machines and general purpose computers.



Build stamp to use on image file names


Size of the image to build


Debian mirror to use for building


Debian mirror to use in built image


Debian release to use in built image


Whether to include source in build image, False by default


Install additional packages in the image


Install package from DEB file into the image


Directory to build images and create log file


The logging level - choose one of ('critical', 'error', 'warn', 'info', 'debug'). Default log level is 'debug'.


Hostname to set inside the built images


Sign the images with default GPG key after building


Force rebuild of images even when required image exists


Image targets to build. Choose one or more of freedommaker, dreamplug, raspberry, raspberry2, beaglebone, cubieboard2, cubietruck, a20-olinuxino-lime, a20-olinuxino-lime2, a20-olinuxino-micro, i386, amd64, virtualbox-i386, virtualbox-amd64, qemu-i386, qemu-amd64, pcDuino3


Example 1. Build BeagleBone image

$ freedom-maker beaglebone

Build a FreedomBox image for the BeagleBone Single Board Computer.

Example 2. Build all images

$ python3 -m freedommaker dreamplug raspberry raspberry2

beaglebone cubieboard2 cubietruck a20-olinuxino-lime a20-olinuxino-lime2
a20-olinuxino-micro i386 amd64 virtualbox-i386 virtualbox-amd64
qemu-i386 qemu-amd64 pcDuino3

Build all the available FreedomBox images using freedom-maker.


See the freedom-maker issue tracker[1] for a full list of known issues and TODO items.


FreedomBox Developers


freedom-maker issue tracker
06/15/2017 0.8