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ELEKTROID-CLI(1) General Commands Manual ELEKTROID-CLI(1)


elektroid-cli - sample transfer CLI application for Elektron devices


elektroid-cli [options] command


elektroid-cli provides the same funcionality than elektroid. See man elektroid for the GUI application.

Provided paths must always be prepended with the device id and a colon (':'), e.g. 0:/samples.


List compatible devices
Show device info
List directory contents
Create a directory
Delete a directory. The directory must be empty.
Upload a sample. If the path does not exist it will be created. The supported audio file formats are aiff, flac, ogg and wav.
Download a sample. Samples will be stored locally as 16-bit, 48kHz wav files.
Move a sample. If the destination path does not exist it will be created.
Delete a sample


Show verbose output. Use it more than once for more verbosity.


The GitHub page provides some examples: <>


elektroid-cli was written by David García Goñi <>.

This manual page was written by Dennis Braun <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

Feb 2020