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DOKUJCLIENT(1) General Commands Manual DOKUJCLIENT(1)


dokujclient - interact (read, write, ...) with an instance of Dokuwiki




Dokuwiki is an open source wiki engine. It's hence meant to be mainly used through a web browser. However, it also has an xmlrpc API.
Dokujclient uses this xmlrpc API, so that it's possible to interact with an instance of Dokuwiki through a console or a shell script.


The url to the xmlrpc interface. Should look like http[s]://server/mywiki/lib/exe/xmlrpc.php.
Obviously, the wiki should be configured to accept incoming xmlrpc queries. See Dokuwiki's remote config.
This parameter is mandatory.
Specify the username USER to use to connect to the server.
Obviously, the USER should be authorized to use the xmlrpc interface. See Dokuwiki's remoteuser config.
The password of the USER
You will be prompted to enter the user's password interactively. Useful to avoid writing the password in clear text in the command line.
Prints the version of dokujclient
Prints the general help
Enable debug mode, which will print more information


Prints the general help
Prints the help and the COMMAND_OPTIONS for COMMAND


To avoid typing your url, user, and password each time, you may create in your home a file .dokujclientrc, and put some or all of this info in it.

echo "url=http://myhost/mywiki/lib/exe/xmlrpc.php" > ~/.dokujclientrc
echo "user=toto" >> ~/.dokujclientrc
echo "password=myPassword" >> ~/.dokujclientrc


dokujclient --user myUser --password myPassword --url http://mywiki/lib/exe/xmlrpc.php getTitle
> myWiki title

dokujclient help
> [(-u|--user) <user>] --url <url> [(-p|--password) <password>] [-h|--help] [--version] [--password-interactive] command
> Available commands:
> [...skipped...]

#put user, password, and url, in the config file
vim ~/.dokujclientrc

#get the list of pages of all the wiki
dokujclient getPagelist .
> [...skipped...]

dokujclient appendPage builds:synthesis "Build launched at 12:23 took 3'24"
dokujclient getPage builds:synthesis
> Build launched at 11:12 took 3'19
> Build launched at 12:23 took 3'24

#help command can give information about a given command
dokujclient help putAttachment
> Syntax for putAttachment: [-f|--force] <attachmentId> <localFile>

dokujclient putAttachment some:file.jpg ~/results.jpg


You are welcome to report bugs to the bugtracker
You may also ask questions on the mailing list


The documentation of the server API is available at