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DCSORT(1) DICOM PS3 - Make sorted list of images DCSORT(1)


dcsort - ACR/NEMA DICOM PS3 ... DICOM PS3 - Make sorted list of images


dcsort " inputfile1 [ inputfile2 ... ]" [ -v|verbose ] [ -vv|veryverbose ] [ -vvv|veryveryverbose ] [ -index ] [ -show ] [ -interval ] [ -tolerance mm ] [ -check ] [ -checkFoR ] [ -descending ] [ -sortby|k attributename ]


dcsort reads the named dicom input files and sorts them by the specified sort key.

The sort key should be a single valued numeric attribute, with the exception of ImageOrientationPatient and ImagePositionPatient which are handled as special cases.

There is no output by default unless the index or verbose options are specified.


The output and errors go to standard error.

The basic input switches are described in dcintro(1). Options specific to this program are:

Creates a first column of output that is the index in the sort order, starting from 0, and a second column that is the filename.
Show the value of the sort key after the file name with the -index option
Show the interval between values of the sort key, or an error if not equal
The tolerance value in mm to use when comparing intervals between slices; defaults to +/- 0.01 mm if unspecified
Check that all the images are from the same series.
Check that all the images have the same Frame of Reference (UID).
Sort in descending, rather than the default ascending, order.
Specify attributename as the sort key.




% dcsort -index -sortby SliceLocation ./1/[0-9]*
0 ./1/1
1 ./1/2






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6 March 2014 DICOM PS3