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SIEVESHELL(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation SIEVESHELL(1)


sieveshell - remotely manipulate sieve scripts


sieveshell [--user=user] [--authname=authname] [--realm=realm] [--password=password] [--exec=script] [--execfile=file] server[:port]

sieveshell --help


sieveshell allows users to manipulate their scripts on a remote server. It works via MANAGESIEVE, a work in progress.

The following commands are recognized:

list list scripts on server.

put <filename> upload script to server.

get <name> [<filename>] get script. if no filename display to stdout

delete <name> delete script.

activate <name> activate script.

deactivate deactivate all scripts.


The user whose mailboxes you want to work on. If not specified, it uses the same as -a.
The user to use for authentication. If not specified, it defaults to the current login user.
The realm to attempt authentication in.
The password to use when authenticating to server. Note that this parameter can be seen in the process list. Use with caution!
Instead of working interactively, run commands from script, and exit when done.
Instead of working interactively, run commands from file file and exit when done.


[MANAGESIEVE] Martin, T.; "A Protocol for Remotely Managing Sieve Scripts", RFC 5804; May 2001


Tim Martin <>, and the rest of the Cyrus team.

2022-06-27 perl v5.32.1