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CVISE(1) User Commands CVISE(1)


cvise - super-parallel Python port of the C-Reduce project


usage: cvise [-h] [--n N] [--tidy] [--shaddap] [--die-on-pass-bug] [--sllooww]

[--also-interesting EXIT_CODE] [--debug] [--log-level {INFO,DEBUG,WARNING,ERROR}] [--log-file LOG_FILE] [--no-give-up] [--print-diff] [--save-temps] [--skip-initial-passes] [--remove-pass REMOVE_PASS] [--start-with-pass START_WITH_PASS] [--no-timing] [--timestamp] [--timeout [TIMEOUT]] [--no-cache] [--skip-key-off] [--max-improvement BYTES] [--pass-group {opencl-120,delta,all} | --pass-group-file PASS_GROUP_FILE] [--clang-delta-std {c++98,c++11,c++14,c++17,c++20}] [--not-c] [--renaming] [--list-passes] [--version] [--commands COMMANDS] [INTERESTINGNESS_TEST] TEST_CASE [TEST_CASE ...]


positional arguments:

Executable to check interestingness of test cases
Test cases

optional arguments:

show this help message and exit
Number of cores to use; C-Vise tries to automatically pick a good setting but its choice may be too low or high for your situation
Do not make a backup copy of each file to reduce as file.orig
Suppress output about non-fatal internal errors
Terminate C-Vise if a pass encounters an otherwise non-fatal problem
Try harder to reduce, but perhaps take a long time to do so
A process exit code (somewhere in the range 64-113 would be usual) that, when returned by the interestingness test, will cause C-Vise to save a copy of the variant
Print debug information (alias for --log-level=DEBUG)
Define the verbosity of the logged events
Log events into LOG_FILE instead of stderr. New events are appended to the end of the file
Don't give up on a pass that hasn't made progress for 50000 iterations
Show changes made by transformations, for debugging
Don't delete /tmp/cvise-xxxxxx directories on termination
Skip initial passes (useful if input is already partially reduced)
Remove all instances of the specified passes from the schedule (comma-separated)
Start with the specified pass
Do not print timestamps about reduction progress
Print timestamps instead of relative time from a reduction start
Interestingness test timeout in seconds
Don't cache behavior of passes
Disable skipping the rest of the current pass when 's' is pressed
Largest improvement in file size from a single transformation that C-Vise should accept (useful only to slow C-Vise down)
Set of passes used during the reduction
JSON file defining a custom pass group
Specify clang_delta C++ standard, it can rapidly speed up all clang_delta passes
Don't run passes that are specific to C and C++, use this mode for reducing other languages
Enable all renaming passes (that are disabled by default)
Print all available passes and exit
show program's version number and exit
Use bash commands instead of an interestingness test case

available shortcuts:

S - skip execution of the current pass D - toggle --print-diff option

For bug reporting instructions, please use:

January 2021 cvise 2.1.0