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chirp_fuse(1) Cooperative Computing Tools chirp_fuse(1)


chirp_fuse - create a FUSE mount point with virtual access to remote chirp servers


chirp_fuse [options] <mount path>


You can attach to a Chirp filesystems by using the FUSE package to attach Chirp as a kernel filesystem module. Unlike parrot_run(1), this requires superuser privileges to install the FUSE package, but will likely work more reliably on a larger number of programs and environments. Using FUSE allows for transparent access to a Chirp server via the local filesystem. This allows user applications to use a Chirp store unmodified.

Once you have installed and permissions to use FUSE, simply run chirp_fuse with the name of a directory on which the filesystem should be mounted.

For complete details with examples, see the Chirp User's Manual (


Require this authentication mode.
Block size for network I/O. (default is 65536s)
Enable debugging for this subsystem.
 -D, --no-optimize
Disable small file optimizations such as recursive delete.
 -f, --foreground
Run in foreground for debugging.
Comma-delimited list of tickets to use for authentication.
Pass mount option to FUSE. Can be specified multiple times.
Write debugging output to this file. By default, debugging is sent to stderr (":stderr"). You may specify logs be sent to stdout (":stdout"), to the system syslog (":syslog"), or to the systemd journal (":journal").
Timeout for network operations. (default is 60s)
 -v, --version
Show program version.
 -h, --help
Give help information.


CHIRP_CLIENT_TICKETS Comma delimited list of tickets to authenticate with (same as -i).


On success, returns zero. On failure, returns non-zero.


To create and use a FUSE mount point for access to remote chirp servers:

% chirp_fuse /tmp/chirp-fuse &
% cd /tmp/chirp-fuse
% ls
% cd host:port
% cat foo/bar
% exit


The Cooperative Computing Tools are Copyright (C) 2005-2019 The University of Notre Dame. This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING for details.


CCTools 7.1.2 FINAL