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CDCTRL(1) User Commands CDCTRL(1)


cdctrl - command line CDROM control


cdctrl  [device]
cdctrl  -c [device]
cdctrl  -c 
cdctrl  [-V|-?|-h]


cdctrl command is a program that opens a CDROM device and may be used for interactive control of the CDROM including play starting at a track, next track, previous track, stop, pause, display info, display CDROM status, and display CDROM directory. This program may be used as a daemon to control an audio CDROM device.

The commands to the cdctrl command are:

Open CDROM device.
Print out version and build information.
Display help.
Display help.
Enable runtime debugging.
Output CR-LF at end of each line, not LF.

By default, cdctrl opens /dev/cdrom, but does not start playing. Output is to standard output with each line terminated by a linefeed (LF).

Commands to cdctrl are:

Play first track, start playing.
Stop playing.
Pause playing.
Resume playing.
Eject CDROM.
Close CDROM tray.
Display info string.
Display directory.
Play previous track.
Play next track. When on last track, play first track.
Play track 1..99.
Display help screen.

Each command results in one or multiple lines of output to stdout, followed by an info string, followed by END.

The format of the info string is:

CMD cmd-name cd-status track abs-time rel-time

cmd-name := {play, stop, ... quit} from above list
cd-status := {invalid, play, paused}
cd-status += {completed, error, no_status}
track := {1..99} CD track
abs-time := HH:MM:SS elapsed since CD start
rel-time := HH:MM:SS elapsed since track start


/dev/cdrom - default cdrom device


CDTOOLDEV - cdrom device, overrides compile time defaults




Main code:
Thomas Insel <>
Sven Oliver Moll <>
cdctrl extensions:
Wade Hampton <>

29-July-2004 CDTOOL