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buildtorrent - a torrent file creation program.


buildtorrent [OPTIONS] -a announceurl input output

buildtorrent [OPTIONS] -a announceurl -f filelist -n name output


buildtorrent is a torrent file creation program. Given an announce url and an input file or directory, buildtorrent generates an output .torrent file that can be used by torrent clients.


Announce URL (required).
A text file (or - for standard input) containing a list of files to add to the output torrent file, together with the path to use inside the torrent. One file is given per line, use / as path separator for the torrent path, use | to separate the filesystem path from the torrent path. Backslash \ can be used to escape newlines and | characters inside names. For example:


Using this option requires that the --name option be used.
Specify the name for the torrent. Usage of this option is required when the --filelist option is used, in which case it specifies the name of the torrent directory. Usage without a file list overrides the name of the directory or file given on the command line.
Additional announce URL list. Use , to separate outer level lists, and | to separate inner level items; for example:

Additional WebSeed URL list. Use , to separate items; for example:

Piece length in bytes (default 262144).
Use 2^size as piece length (default 18) (overrides -l ).
User comment (omitted by default).
Private flag (either 0 or 1).
Omit the creation date field.
Omit the created by field.
Add an md5sum field for each file.
Show generated torrent structure.
Show generated torrent structure, including piece data.
Quiet operation with reduced output.
Show the version string.
Show a help screen with brief usage information.


Claude Heiland-Allen (


createtorrent(1), mktorrent(1)

January 2010 0.8