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BP_SEQPART(1p) User Contributed Perl Documentation BP_SEQPART(1p)

NAME - Takes one or more sequence files and splits them into a number of load balanced files.

USAGE -n <NUM_PARTS> [-h, -p <PREFIX>, -f <FORMAT>, -o <OUT_DIR>] <FILES...>
   -n number of files to create through partitioning
   -h this help message
   -p prefix for all FASTA file names output, files are of the form <outdir>/<prefix>#.<format>
   -f format of the files, defaults to FASTA but you can specify anything supported by SeqIO from BioPerl
   -o output directory where to dump the split sequence files


Script wrapping SeqIO that allows partitioning of multiple sequence files into near equal sized parts for later parallel processing. Even if you have 10 input files outputting to 10 files will balance the files to contain similar total length of sequence. ID's are ignored when deciding on how to balance each sequence.


Matt Oates -


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2012-04-03 - Matt Oates First features added.

DEPENDANCY Getopt::Long Used to parse command line options. Pod::Usage Used for usage and help output. Bio::SeqIO Used to cut up sequences and parse FASTA.

2020-10-28 perl v5.30.3