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LOOKUP(1) User Commands LOOKUP(1)


Lookup - Translate colors through an xicc.


Lookup ICC or CAL colors, Version 1.6.3


xicclu [-options] profile_or_cal

Verbosity level 0 - 2 (default = 1)
Plot slice instead of looking colors up. (Default white to black)
Override plot slice start with Lab or Jab co-ordinate
Override plot slice end with Lab or Jab co-ordinate
f = forward, b = backwards, g = gamut, p = preview if = inverted forward, ib = inverted backwards
a = absolute, r = relative colorimetric p = perceptual, s = saturation
n = normal (priority: lut > matrix > monochrome) r = reverse (priority: monochrome > matrix > lut)
x = XYZ_PCS, X = XYZ * 100, l = Lab_PCS, L = LCh, y = Yxy j = CIECAM02 Appearance Jab, J = CIECAM02 Appearance JCh
Scale device range 0.0 - scale rather than 0.0 - 1.0
Video encode device input as:
Video decode device output as:
normal 0..1 full range RGB levels (default)
(16-235)/255 "TV" RGB levels
Rec601 YCbCr SD (16-235,240)/255 "TV" levels
Rec709 1125/60Hz YCbCr HD (16-235,240)/255 "TV" levels
Rec709 1250/50Hz YCbCr HD (16-235,240)/255 "TV" levels
Rec2020 YCbCr UHD (16-235,240)/255 "TV" levels
Rec2020 Constant Luminance YCbCr UHD (16-235,240)/255 "TV" levels
Black value target: z = zero K, h = 0.5 K, x = max K, r = ramp K (def.) l = extra PCS input is portion of K locus v = extra PCS input is K target value

-k p stle stpo enpo enle shape

stle: K level at White 0.0 - 1.0 stpo: start point of transition Wh 0.0 - Bk 1.0 enpo: End point of transition Wh 0.0 - Bk 1.0 enle: K level at Black 0.0 - 1.0 shape: 1.0 = straight, 0.0-1.0 concave, 1.0-2.0 convex

-k q stle0 stpo0 enpo0 enle0 shape0 stle2 stpo2 enpo2 enle2 shape2

Transfer extra PCS input to dual curve limits
Same as -k, but target is K locus rather than K value itself
set total ink limit, 0 - 400% (estimate by default)
set black ink limit, 0 - 100% (estimate by default)
show actual target values if clipped
warn if output PCS is outside the spectrum locus
merge output processing into clut
use CAM Jab for clipping
set viewing conditions for CIECAM97s, either an enumerated choice, or a parameter:value changes
pp - Practical Reflection Print (ISO-3664 P2) pe - Print evaluation environment (CIE 116-1995) pc - Critical print evaluation environment (ISO-3664 P1) mt - Monitor in typical work environment mb - Bright monitor in bright work environment md - Monitor in darkened work environment jm - Projector in dim environment jd - Projector in dark environment tv - Television/Film Studio
pcd - Photo CD - original scene outdoors
ob - Original scene - Bright Outdoors cx - Cut Sheet Transparencies on a viewing box
n = auto, a = average, m = dim, d = dark, c = transparency (default average)
Adapted white point as XYZ (default media white, Abs: D50)
Adapted white point as x, y
Adaptation luminance in cd.m^2 (default 50.0)
Background % of image luminance (default 20)
Image white in cd.m^2 if surround = auto (default 250)
Flare light % of image luminance (default 0)
Flare light % of ambient (default 1)
Flare color as XYZ (default media white, Abs: D50)
Flare color as x, y
The colors to be translated should be fed into standard in, one input color per line, white space separated. A line starting with a # will be ignored. A line not starting with a number will terminate the program. Use -v0 for just output colors.
September 2014 xicclu