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al_load_audio_stream(3alleg5) al_load_audio_stream(3alleg5)


al_load_audio_stream - Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro_audio.h>
ALLEGRO_AUDIO_STREAM *al_load_audio_stream(const char *filename,

size_t buffer_count, unsigned int samples)


Loads an audio file from disk as it is needed.

Unlike regular streams, the one returned by this function need not be fed by the user; the library will automatically read more of the file as it is needed. The stream will contain buffer_count buffers with samples samples.

The audio stream will start in the playing state. It should be attached to a voice or mixer to generate any output. See ALLEGRO_AUDIO_STREAM(3alleg5) for more details.

Returns the stream on success, NULL on failure.

Note: the allegro_audio library does not support any audio file formats by default. You must use the allegro_acodec addon, or register your own format handler.


al_load_audio_stream_f(3alleg5), al_register_audio_stream_loader(3alleg5), al_init_acodec_addon(3alleg5)

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