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afl-plot(8) System Manager's Manual afl-plot(8)


afl-plot - progress plotting utility for afl-fuzz by Michal Zalewski


afl-plot afl_state_dir graph_output_dir


This program generates gnuplot images from afl-fuzz output data. Usage:
The afl_state_dir parameter should point to an existing state directory for any
active or stopped instance of afl-fuzz; while graph_output_dir should point to
an empty directory where this tool can write the resulting plots to.
The program will put index.html and three PNG images in the output directory;
you should be able to view it with any web browser of your choice.


afl++ was written by Michal "lcamtuf" Zalewski and is maintained by Marc "van Hauser" Heuse <>, Heiko "hexcoder-" Eissfeldt <>, Andrea Fioraldi <> and Dominik Maier <> The homepage of afl++ is:


Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004

2020-11-21 afl++