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adactl(1) Programmer's Manual adactl(1)


adactl - Ada rules controller


adactl [options] unit [[+|-]unit | [@]file] ... [-- ASIS options]

adactl -h rule ... | all | commands | license | list | options | rules | version


AdaControl is an Ada rules controller. It is used to control that Ada software meets the requirements of a number of parameterizable rules. It is not intended to supplement checks made by the compiler, but rather to search for particular violations of good-practice rules, or to check that some rules are obeyed project-wide.

Commercial support is available for AdaControl, see file /usr/share/doc/adacontrol/support.txt. If you plan to use AdaControl for industrial projects, or if you want it to be customized or extended to match your own needs, please contact Adalog at


Check rules syntax only. Accepts -d, -f, -l, -v, -x.
Generate dependencies. Accepts -o, -p, -r, -s, -w, -x.
Prints a general help message.
Describe rule.
Describe all rules.
Describe all commands, the licence (GPL), the options or the version number.
List the rules in a format suitable for use inside the GNAT Programming Studio.
List the rules in a normal format.
Interactive mode. Accepts all options.


Enable debug mode.
Treat warnings (Search) as errors (Check)
Print only errors (Check).
Use file for the specification of rules
Choose output format.
Select level of fixing commands.
Ignore local deactivations.
Process with the specified rules; see below.
Send output to the specified file.
Specify an emacs ada-mode project file (.adp)
Only process Ada unit specifications
Produce statistics; level is an integer in the range 0 .. 4.
Send a trace to the specified file.
Report execution time of rules.
Treat all parameters as Ada units
Enable verbose mode.
Overwrite output file (works with -o)
Exit when internal error


The following rules are available for the -l option:
Abnormal_Function_Return Allocators
Array_Declarations Barrier_Expressions
Case_Statement Characters
Declarations Default_Parameter
Directly_Accessed_Globals Duplicate_Initialization_Calls
Entities Entity_Inside_Exception
Exception_Propagation Expressions
Global_References Header_Comments
Improper_Initialization Instantiations
Insufficient_Parameters Local_Hiding
Max_Blank_Lines Max_Call_Depth
Max_Line_Length Max_Nesting
Max_Size Max_Statement_Nesting
Movable_Accept_Statements Multiple_Assignments
Naming_Convention Non_Static
Not_Elaboration_Calls Not_Selected_Name
No_Operator_Usage Object_Declarations
Other_Dependencies Parameter_Aliasing
Parameter_Declarations Potentially_Blocking_Operations
Pragmas Reduceable_Scope
Representation_Clauses Return_Type
Side_Effect_Parameters Silent_Exceptions
Simplifiable_Expressions Simplifiable_Statements
Special_Comments Statements
Style Terminating_Tasks
Type_Initial_Values Uncheckable
Units Unnecessary_Use_Clause
Unsafe_Paired_Calls Unsafe_Unchecked_Conversion
Usage Use_Clauses


AdaControl was developed by Adalog ⟨URL: ⟩ under contract with Eurocontrol ⟨URL: ⟩. The copyright is jointly owned by Adalog and Eurocontrol.

This manual page was written by Ludovic Brenta <> and is licensed under terms of the GNU General Public License.


AdaControl User's Guide, available in Info, PDF, and HTML in /usr/share/doc/adacontrol.

AdaControl Programmer's Guide, available in Info, PDF, and HTML in /usr/share/doc/adacontrol.

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