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IPC(1) Embedded Software Update Documentation IPC(1)


ipc - SWUpdate IPC tool

swupdate-ipc sends a specific command to SWUpdate. The following commands are enabled:


send a new aes key to SWUpdate


sends a range of versions that can be accepted.


return status of the connection to Hawkbit.


send data to the Hawkbit Server. A typical use case is acknowledgement for activation by an application or operator after a new software has been installed. The tool can forward the result for the activation to the hawkBit server.


send a restart command after a network update


swupdate-ipc <cmd> [option]

Where cmd is one of the listed above.


AES key to be used for decryption
configure the accepted range of versions
configuration for Hawkbit Module

allows one to set the polling time (in seconds)
enable suricatta mode
disable suricatta mode

Send Acknolwedge to Hawkbit server after an update if SWUpdate is set to wait for.
Used with SWU handler, allow to perform a network restart

optionally reboot the target after a successful update
waits for a SWUpdate connection instead of exit with error
path to progress IPC socket


2013-2023, Stefano Babic

April 29, 2023 2022.12