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Munin::Node::Configure::PluginList(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Munin::Node::Configure::PluginList(3pm)


Munin::Node::Configure::PluginList - Loading and listing a collection of plugins


  my $plugins = Munin::Node::Configure::PluginList->new(
        libdir     => '/usr/share/munin/plugins/',
        servicedir => '/etc/munin/plugins/',
  foreach my $plugin ($plugins->list) {
        # do something to each 'auto' plugin in turn



Required arguments are 'libdir' and 'servicedir', which are the plugin library and service directory, respectively.

Finds all the plugins in 'libdir' that are in any of @families, and any instances of these plugins in 'servicedir'.
Returns a list of Munin::Node::Configure::Plugin objects currently loaded, sorted alphabetically by name.
Returns the names of the currently-loaded plugins.
2022-10-12 perl v5.32.1