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Munin::Common::Timeout(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Munin::Common::Timeout(3pm)


Munin::Common::Timeout - Run code with a timeout. May nest.


 use Munin::Common::Timeout;
 do_with_timeout(50, sub {
     # ...
        do_with_timeout(5, sub {
                # ...
                # ...
     # ...


See also Time::Out, Sys::AlarmCall


 my $finished_with_no_timeout = do_with_timeout($seconds, $code_ref)
     or die "Timed out!";

Executes $block with a timeout of $seconds. Returns the return value of the $block if it completed within the timeout. If the timeout is reached and the code is still running, it halts it and returns undef.

NB: every $code_ref should return something defined, otherwise the caller doesn't know if a timeout occurred.

Calls to do_with_timeout() can be nested. Any exceptions raised by $block are propagated.

2022-10-12 perl v5.32.1