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xenstore-ls(1) Xen xenstore-ls(1)


xenstore-ls - list Xenstore keys and values


xenstore-ls [OPTION]... [PATH]...


List keys, values and permissions of one or more Xenstore PATHs, using a nested, tree-like view.

Show the full path for all keys.
Show permissions of all the listed keys as comma separated list. The format of each permission is LD, where L is a letter for the type of permission and D is the corresponding domain ID.

The types of permission are:

read and write (both)
no access

The first permission entry is the domain owning the key (the owner) and the permissions for any domain not explicitly listed in subsequent entries. The key owner always has full access (read, write, and set permissions).


Send bugs to, see on how to send bug reports.

2023-12-02 4.17.3-pre