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dump(3tk) dump(3tk)


dump - Dump information about Tcl interpreter in TkCon


dump method ?-nocomplain? ?-filter pattern? ?--? pattern ?pattern ...?


The dump command provides a way for the user to spit out state information about the interpreter in a Tcl readable (and human readable) form. It takes the general form:

The patterns represent glob-style patterns (as in string match pattern $str). -nocomplain will prevent dump from throwing an error if no items matched the pattern. -filter is interpreted as appropriate for the method. The various methods are:

Outputs one or more commands.
Outputs one or more procs in sourceable form.
Outputs the values of variables in sourceable form. Recognizes nested arrays. The -filter pattern is used as to filter array element names and is interepreted as a glob pattern (defaults to {*}). It is passed down for nested arrays.
Outputs one or more widgets by giving their configuration options. The -filter pattern is used as to filter the config options and is interpreted as a case insensitive regexp pattern (defaults to {.*}).


idebug(3tk), observe(3tk), tkcon(1), tkcon(3tk), tkconrc(5)


Tk, console, dump


Copyright (c) Jeffrey Hobbs <jeff at>
2.5 TkCon