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pmxab(1) PMX Manual Page pmxab(1)


pmxab - a MusiXTeX preprocessor


pmxab basename[.pmx]


pmxab is a preprocessor for MusiXTeX. It's usually invoked by a frontend musixtex(1). To use it to its full benefit you should have installed MusiXTeX Version 1.21 or higher, and TeX itself. The goal of PMX is to facilitate the efficient typesetting of scores and parts that have an almost professional appearance. To learn more about typesetting with PMX, please read the PMX Manual.

When invoked directly, pmxab produces tex output utilizing the MusiXTeX macro set.


scor2prt(1), musixtex(1)


PMX was written by Don Simons <>. This manual page was written by Roland Stigge <> for the Debian project and revised by Bob Tennent <>.

12 Feb 2018 Version 2.8.4