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BIBTEXU(1) User Commands BIBTEXU(1)


bibtexu - UTF-8 Big BibTeX


bibtexu [options] aux-file


BibTeXu is the Unicode-compliant version of BibTeX. It is largely based on Niel Kempson's BibTeX8, and it provides a better support for UTF-8 by integrating ICU library. Therefore, BibTeXu no longer requires the Codepage and Sort order ("CS") file; instead, the method of sorting and case-changing can be controlled via command-line options.


-? --help
display some brief help text.
report debugging information. TYPE is one or more of all, csf, io, mem, misc, search.
report internal statistics.
report execution tracing.
report BibTeX version.
use language LANG to convert strings to low case. This argument is passed to ICU library.
use language LANG for sorting. This argument is passed to ICU library.
set large BibTeX capacity.
set huge BibTeX capacity.
set really huge BibTeX capacity for Wolfgang.
set min_crossrefs to ##.
allow ## unique strings.


More detailed description of BibTeXu is available at $TEXMFDIST/doc/bibtexu/README.


BibTeXu was written by Yannis Haralambous and his students. This manpage was written for TeX Live.

March 2019 bibtexu 3.71