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pdfinfo(1) General Commands Manual pdfinfo(1)


pdfinfo - Portable Document Format (PDF) document information extractor (version 3.03)


pdfinfo [options] [PDF-file]


Pdfinfo prints the contents of the ´Info' dictionary (plus some other useful information) from a Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

If PDF-file is ´-', it reads the PDF file from stdin.

The ´Info' dictionary contains the following values:

creation date
modification date

In addition, the following information is printed:

custom metadata (yes/no)
metadata stream (yes/no)
tagged (yes/no)
userproperties (yes/no)
suspects (yes/no)
form (AcroForm / XFA / none)
javascript (yes/no)
page count
encrypted flag (yes/no)
print and copy permissions (if encrypted)
page size
file size
linearized (yes/no)
PDF version
metadata (only if requested)

The options -listenc, -meta, -js, -struct, and -struct-text only print the requested information. The 'Info' dictionary and related data listed above is not printed. At most one of these five options may be used.


Specifies the first page to examine. If multiple pages are requested using the "-f" and "-l" options, the size of each requested page (and, optionally, the bounding boxes for each requested page) are printed. Otherwise, only page one is examined.
Specifies the last page to examine.
Prints the page box bounding boxes: MediaBox, CropBox, BleedBox, TrimBox, and ArtBox.
Prints document-level metadata. (This is the "Metadata" stream from the PDF file's Catalog object.)
Prints custom and standard metadata.
Prints all JavaScript in the PDF.
Prints the logical document structure of a Tagged-PDF file.
Print the textual content along with the document structure of a Tagged-PDF file. Note that extracting text this way might be slow for big PDF files. (Implies -struct.)
Print all URLs in the PDF. Only the URL types supported by Poppler are listed. Currently, this is limited to Annotations. Note: only URLs referenced by the PDF objects such as Link Annotations are listed. pdfinfo does not attempt to extract strings matching http://... from the text content.
Prints dates in ISO-8601 format (including the time zone).
Prints the raw (undecoded) date strings, directly from the PDF file.
Print a list of all named destinations. If a page range is specified using "-f" and "-l", only destinations in the page range are listed.
Sets the encoding to use for text output. This defaults to "UTF-8".
Lits the available encodings
Specify the owner password for the PDF file. Providing this will bypass all security restrictions.
Specify the user password for the PDF file.
Print copyright and version information.
Print usage information. (-help and --help are equivalent.)


The Xpdf tools use the following exit codes:

No error.
Error opening a PDF file.
Error opening an output file.
Error related to PDF permissions.
Other error.


The pdfinfo software and documentation are copyright 1996-2011 Glyph & Cog, LLC.


pdfdetach(1), pdffonts(1), pdfimages(1), pdftocairo(1), pdftohtml(1), pdftoppm(1), pdftops(1), pdftotext(1) pdfseparate(1), pdfsig(1), pdfunite(1)

15 August 2011