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podman-pod(1) General Commands Manual podman-pod(1)


podman-pod - Management tool for groups of containers, called pods


podman pod subcommand


podman pod is a set of subcommands that manage pods, or groups of containers.


Command Man Page Description
clone podman-pod-clone(1) Creates a copy of an existing pod.
create podman-pod-create(1) Create a new pod.
exists podman-pod-exists(1) Check if a pod exists in local storage.
inspect podman-pod-inspect(1) Displays information describing a pod.
kill podman-pod-kill(1) Kill the main process of each container in one or more pods.
logs podman-pod-logs(1) Displays logs for pod with one or more containers.
pause podman-pod-pause(1) Pause one or more pods.
prune podman-pod-prune(1) Remove all stopped pods and their containers.
ps podman-pod-ps(1) Prints out information about pods.
restart podman-pod-restart(1) Restart one or more pods.
rm podman-pod-rm(1) Remove one or more stopped pods and containers.
start podman-pod-start(1) Start one or more pods.
stats podman-pod-stats(1) Display a live stream of resource usage stats for containers in one or more pods.
stop podman-pod-stop(1) Stop one or more pods.
top podman-pod-top(1) Display the running processes of containers in a pod.
unpause podman-pod-unpause(1) Unpause one or more pods.




July 2018, Originally compiled by Peter Hunt ⟨⟩