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Semaphore.Binary(3o) OCaml library Semaphore.Binary(3o)


Semaphore.Binary - no description


Module Semaphore.Binary


Module Binary
: sig end

type t

The type of binary semaphores.

val make : bool -> t

make b returns a new binary semaphore. If b is true , the initial value of the semaphore is 1, meaning "available". If b is false , the initial value of the semaphore is 0, meaning "unavailable".

val release : t -> unit

release s sets the value of semaphore s to 1, putting it in the "available" state. If other threads are waiting on s , one of them is restarted.

val acquire : t -> unit

acquire s blocks the calling thread until the semaphore s has value 1 (is available), then atomically sets it to 0 and returns.

val try_acquire : t -> bool

try_acquire s immediately returns false if the semaphore s has value 0. If s has value 1, its value is atomically set to 0 and try_acquire s returns true .

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