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LIVE-TOOLS(8) Live Systems Project LIVE-TOOLS(8)


live-update-initramfs - writes out updated kernel and initrd images to the live media.


live-update-initramfs is a wrapper replacing the update-initramfs command provided by the initramfs-tools package.

In live-systems with a persistence layer, live-update-initramfs will write out updated kernel and initrd images to the live media. This allows kernel upgrades from within the live-system through apt-get without needing to manually synchronise kernel and initrd to the live-medium. live-update-initramfs passes through all command-line arguments to the original update-initramfs command; see update-initramfs.orig.initramfs-tools(8) for more information about the options of the original update-initramfs command.




More information about live-update-initramfs and the Live Systems project can be found on the homepage at <> and in the manual at <>.


Bugs can be reported by submitting a bugreport for the live-tools package in the Bug Tracking System at <> or by writing a mail to the Live Systems mailing list at <>.


live-update-initramfs was written by Daniel Baumann <>.

2015-09-25 5.0~a2-1