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PAPI_sprofil_t(3) PAPI PAPI_sprofil_t(3)


PAPI_sprofil_t -


Data Fields

void * pr_base
unsigned pr_size
vptr_t pr_off
unsigned pr_scale

Detailed Description

Field Documentation

void* PAPI_sprofil_t::pr_base

buffer base

vptr_t PAPI_sprofil_t::pr_off

pc start address (offset)

unsigned PAPI_sprofil_t::pr_scale

pc scaling factor: fixed point fraction 0xffff ~= 1, 0x8000 == .5, 0x4000 == .25, etc. also, two extensions 0x1000 == 1, 0x2000 == 2

unsigned PAPI_sprofil_t::pr_size

buffer size


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