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KEYCTL_UPDATE(3) Linux Key Management Calls KEYCTL_UPDATE(3)


keyctl_update - update a key


#include <keyutils.h>

long keyctl_update(key_serial_t key, const void *payload,
size_t plen);


keyctl_update() updates the payload of a key if the key type permits it.

The caller must have write permission on a key to be able to update it.

payload and plen specify the data for the new payload. payload may be NULL and plen may be zero if the key type permits that. The key type may reject the data if it's in the wrong format or in some other way invalid.


On success keyctl_update() returns 0. On error, the value -1 will be returned and errno will have been set to an appropriate error.


The key specified is invalid.
The key specified has expired.
The key specified had been revoked.
The payload data was invalid.
Insufficient memory to store the new payload.
The key quota for this user would be exceeded by increasing the size of the key to accommodate the new payload.
The key exists, but is not writable by the calling process.
The key type does not support the update operation on its keys.


This is a library function that can be found in libkeyutils. When linking, -lkeyutils should be specified to the linker.


keyctl(1), add_key(2), keyctl(2), request_key(2), keyctl(3), keyrings(7), keyutils(7)

4 May 2006 Linux