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Syntax::Mail(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Syntax::Mail(3pm)


Embperl::Syntax::Mail - tag library for sending mail


  [$ syntax + Mail $]
  <mail:send to="" subject="Testmail">
    this is a test for a new mail tag
    it is send at [+ scalar(localtime) +]
    from Embperl's Mail taglib.
  [$ if $? $]
    <h2>Sorry, there was an error, your mail couldn't be send</h2>
    <h2>Your mail was successfully delivered</h2>


The is module provides a mail:send tag, for sending text via email. It uses the Embperl::Mail module for actualy sending the mail. The following attributes are recognized. The mail body is enclosed between the mail:send tags. See Embperl::Mail for an description of the attribues:

On success it sets $? to zero, otherwise to a value other then zero.


Gerald Richter <richter at embperl dot org>

See Also

Embperl::Syntax, Embperl::Syntax::HTML

2023-01-22 perl v5.36.0