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Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::FileLicense(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::FileLicense(3pm)


Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::FileLicense - Configuration class Dpkg::Copyright::FileLicense


Configuration classes used by Config::Model



if left blank here, the file must include a stand-alone License section matching each license short name listed on the first line (see the Standalone License Section section). Otherwise, this field should either include the full text of the license(s) or include a pointer to the license file under /usr/share/common-licenses. This field should include all text needed in order to fulfill both Debian Policy requirement for including a copy of the software distribution license, and any license requirements to include warranty disclaimers or other notices with the binary package. Optional. Type string.


abbreviated name for the license. If empty, it is given the default value 'other'. Only one license per file can use this default value; if there is more than one license present in the package without a standard short name, an arbitrary short name may be assigned for these licenses. These arbitrary names are only guaranteed to be unique within a single copyright file.

The name given must match a License described in License element in root node . Optional. Type uniline.

Here are some explanations on the possible values:

Apache license. For versions, consult the Apache_Software_Foundation.
Artistic license. For versions, consult the Perl_Foundation
Berkeley software distribution license, 2-clause version
Berkeley software distribution license, 3-clause version
Berkeley software distribution license, 4-clause version
Creative Commons Attribution license
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives
Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license
Creative Commons Universal waiver
Common Development and Distribution License. For versions, consult Sun Microsystems.
IBM Common Public License. For versions, consult the IBM_Common_Public License_(CPL)_Frequently_asked_questions.
The Eiffel Forum License. For versions, consult the Open_Source_Initiative
The Expat license
FreeBSD Project license
GNU Free Documentation License
GNU Free Documentation License, with no invariant sections
GNU General Public License
Internet_Software_Consortium's license, sometimes also known as the OpenBSD License
GNU Lesser General Public License, (GNU Library General Public License for versions lower than 2.1)
LaTeX Project Public License
Mozilla Public License. For versions, consult
Perl license (equates to "GPL-1+ or Artistic-1")
Python Software Foundation license. For versions, consult the Python_Software Foundation
Q Public License
W3C Software License. For more information, consult the W3C IntellectualRights FAQ and the 20021231 W3C_Software_notice_and_license
Zope Public License. For versions, consult

Note: short_name is migrated with '$replace{$alias}' and with:

  • $alias => "- - License-Alias"
  • $replace{Perl} => "Artistic or GPL-1+"





2010,2011 Dominique Dumont


2023-01-21 perl v5.36.0