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Chemistry::OpenSMILES::Aromaticity(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Chemistry::OpenSMILES::Aromaticity(3pm)


Chemistry::OpenSMILES::Aromaticity - Aromaticity handling routines


Chemistry::OpenSMILES::Aromaticity encodes some aromaticity handling subroutines for aromatisation and kekulisation. Both implementations are experimental, handle only some specific cases and are neither stable nor bug-free, thus should be used with caution.


Mark electron cycles as aromatic.
Find nonfused even-length aromatic cycles consisting only of B, C, N, P, S and mark them with aliterating single and double bonds.
Find electron cycles according to "Finding Electron Cycles" algorithm from <>. Use with caution: the implementation is experimental.
2023-02-03 perl v5.36.0