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Catmandu::AlephX::Response(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Catmandu::AlephX::Response(3pm)


  Catmandu::AlephX::Response - base class for xml-responses from the AlephX-server


  All responses from the AlephX-server share the same functionality and keys:
    - expressed in XML
    - name of the parent element is equal to the parameter 'op', except when
      the value in 'op' is not recognized. Then it is set to 'login'.
    - when an internal error occurred, the error is reported in the key 'error'
    - session-id is reported in the key 'session-id'
    - al the other subkeys are be treated as 'data'
  All public methods from Catmandu::AlephX return an object of a subclass of Catmandu::AlepX::Response.
  In case of connection errors, or xml parsing problems, exceptions are thrown.



  type of 'op'.


  internal error that was reported in the xml response.
  These errors only apply to values in your parameters.
  Other errors, like connection errors or problems while parsing the xml response are thrown as exceptions.


  session-id of the current request


  This method only checks if there was an internal error in the AlephX-response.
  So it simply tests if the key 'error' was undefined.
  As said before, other errors are thrown as exceptions
2023-02-02 perl v5.36.0