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Cache::CacheMetaData(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Cache::CacheMetaData(3pm)


Cache::CacheMetaData -- data about objects in the cache


The CacheMetaData object is used by size aware caches to keep track of the state of the cache and efficiently return information such as an objects size or an ordered list of identifiers to be removed when a cache size is being limited. End users will not normally use CacheMetaData directly.


 use Cache::CacheMetaData;
 my $cache_meta_data = new Cache::CacheMetaData( );
 foreach my $key ( $cache->get_keys( ) )
    my $object = $cache->get_object( $key ) or
    $cache_meta_data->insert( $object );
 my $current_size = $cache_meta_data->get_cache_size( );
 my @removal_list = $cache_meta_data->build_removal_list( );


Construct a new Cache::CacheMetaData object
Inform the CacheMetaData about the object $object in the cache.
Inform the CacheMetaData that the object specified by $key is no longer in the cache.
Create a list of the keys in the cache, ordered as follows:

1) objects that expire now

2) objects expiring at a particular time, with ties broken by the time at which they were least recently accessed

3) objects that never expire, sub ordered by the time at which they were least recently accessed

NOTE: This could be improved further by taking the size into account on accessed_at ties. However, this type of tie is unlikely in normal usage.

Return the size of an object specified by $key.


The total size of the objects in the cache


Cache::Cache, Cache::CacheSizer, Cache::SizeAwareCache


Original author: DeWitt Clinton <>

Last author: $Author: dclinton $

Copyright (C) 2001-2003 DeWitt Clinton

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